Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Rico's World

      This past Friday my fiancé and I found ourselves at my Mom’s house debating where we would go out to dinner.  The usual suggestions were made Mexican, Chinese, and a place named Digger’s.  I suggested we make the trek to downtown Buford from Suwanee to give one of the most popular restaurants in Atlanta a try.  I called Rico’s World Kitchen and they said there wasn’t a wait, but they took our information anyway.  The restaurant is in a remodeled gas station in the nostalgic area of Buford.  There is a no frills décor inside but if your food is good the atmosphere is the food.  We sit down and it is slightly warm in the dining room.  I look over the menu there are so many delicious flavor combinations to choose from.                                        
     My fiancé ordered some Sangria which was a nice homemade wine drink with fruit in the bottom.  We opted not to get any appetizers although the egg rolls looked amazing.  We ordered our food.  I decided on the fried green tomato and portabella sandwich with smoked Gouda and remoulade.  My mom ordered the mussel and shrimp appetizer in a barbecue broth.  My step father ordered the smoked chicken Cuban with mojo dipping sauce.  The wife to be ordered the shrimp po boy we all decided on the homemade sweet potato chips.  Of the four dishes ordered I tried three of them.  First my sandwich had a crispy perfect fried green tomato with a nice grilled mushroom that was not soggy like mushrooms can be.  Then it was topped with the subtle smokiness of the cheese and tanginess of the remoulade.  Every bite was a cornucopia of flavors I barely even missed not having meat for dinner.  The po boy was a great deal for $9 it was loaded with good size shrimp they were crisp and not greasy.  The mussels were slightly small but the number of them made up for the size.  The shrimp were massive there were about 4 in the appetizer.  The sauce was a nice broth similar to a white wine scampi broth with a Cajun kick.                                                                         
     Rico’s World Kitchen is an affordable restaurant that has plenty of gourmet flavors.  This is one restaurant I wish we had in Roswell.  He executes flavors with perfection and service is great.  With all the mediocrity that is around the Suwanee and Mall area Rico’s and the other restaurants in downtown Buford are a breath of fresh air. People of suburbia especially in Suwanee instead of going to the local sports bar or chain restaurant make the 10 minute trip to Buford for something that you will savor every bite of.  

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